Like any other HVAC system, garage heaters require regular cleaning and maintenance to work effectively and efficiently. As you may know, damaged or broken heaters can lead to expensive repairs. Aside from the cost of the replacement parts, you would also need to pay for the HVAC specialist’s services.

That is why it is essential that, as a homeowner, you have sufficient knowledge about garage heaters, the common causes of damage, and the corresponding repair solutions. This level of familiarity will save you plenty of time and resources in the long run.

To help you out, here are five of the common reasons why your garage heater might not be working correctly and how can you assess and address each problem:

Reason #1: Broken Fan

One of the most common garage heater problems is a broken fan. This problem can be due to several possible reasons, including obstructed blades or burnt fan motors. Regardless of which, these can prevent your furnace from producing and releasing heat effectively.

To address the problem, use an ohmmeter to check the current in the motor. If the current runs but the engine is not working, better replace your fan motor with a new one.

Reason #2: Loose Wiring

If your furnace is not producing heat even though the fan is running, it is probably because of loose wiring in the system. When this happens, the current does not effectively run and reach the other parts of the heater, preventing it from working efficiently.

To address loose wiring, make sure that the furnace is unplugged first. Locate the loose wiring and fix its placement and positioning.

Reason #3: Blocked Airflow

If your furnace’s air passage is blocked either by drapes or furniture, your garage heater will most likely turn on and off on its own. This is because the obstruction blocks the airflow, making it work inefficiently.

To solve the issue, remove any obstruction in front of your furnace. Doing so will not only improve the airflow but also prevent damage to the motor system.

Reason #4: Broken Thermostat

The thermostat is an essential component of your furnace, as it controls the temperature level and the airflow. When it is broken, you won’t be able to access and change your temperature setting as you desire.

When your thermostat or control switch is broken, you have no other choice but to replace them with new ones.

Reason #5: Piling Up of Dust and Dirt

If you notice a burning smell in your garage, it might be because dirt and dust are burning in your furnace heating element. This issue should be immediately addressed, as it may cause fire and put your home in danger.

To solve the issue, start by unplugging your garage heater and removing the heating elements. Wipe and clean off all the dirt and dust that have piled on it. Doing so will eliminate the fire risk and help extend the lifespan of the system.


Garage heaters are essential in many homes, especially in colder areas. That is why they need regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid costly and problematic damages and repairs. As a homeowner, you should know how your furnace works for you to be able to address problems when the time comes.

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