With the ever-changing weather in Canadian provinces like in Leduc, heating and air conditioning control through your home thermostat should be up and running daily. It needs to be routinely checked or fixed immediately when issues arise to avoid any other problems. But in what situations should you call professionals and look for  HVAC repair services?

This article helps you determine what constitutes a thermostat repair and when you can’t resort to fixing it yourself. Additionally, we will look into the basics of troubleshooting to help you identify the root cause of the issue and possibly get the temperature control back yourself. 

Common Issues with the Thermostat

If you consider yourself a handyman/woman, look into the following components that may have temporarily disabled your whole HVAC:

  • Batteries: This is one of the most common culprits of a malfunctioning or weakening temperature control. It is a given that most thermostats run on batteries, and they can run out of juice. There are also situations when the batteries used are of poor quality and can explode inside the thermostat. If the thermostat screen is reading blank or is illegible, consider a battery change. If you’ve changed it and the system still doesn’t run, you have to phone a professional. They will know what needs to be replaced.

  • Location: Another issue could be the thermostat’s extreme exposure to direct sunlight or heating. This has to do with the location. It may be because the installation was an afterthought, and you didn’t consider the window or glass door nearby. You may have also not accounted for the gapping hopes near the thermostats, which will lead to a misreading of the general temperature in the space. But that’s okay―an HVAC professional can look into relocating it elsewhere. 

  • The screen and its settings: Your thermostat can malfunction due to a faulty screen or key settings that suddenly disappear. Either scenario means you cannot turn on the temperature control or maximize the use of your units, like the furnace and the air conditioner. The bigger problem is you may end up throwing out something that is working just fine or only needs a minor repair. An HVAC professional can easily address the root cause and provide the right solutions to your problem.

  • Circuit breakers: There may be an internal issue with the circuit breakers of the system that is causing them to automatically disconnect as a safety precaution. In this case, you can make your way to the breaker box and reset the breakers. Then, test whether the thermostat is running. If that fails, you need to get it fixed. Additionally, you may want to schedule an electrical inspection for your thermostat if you are unsure what set off your circuit breaker. 

  • Electrical reading issues and short cycling: You can also be dealing with inconsistent temperature control or find yourself with an inaccurate reading in your electrical bill. This can be due to the inefficient use of power by the thermostat. You may be switching the temperature higher or lower but never really get to the ideal one you need. Your safety is also a concern here, as you don’t want to spring a leak or mishandle faulty electrical wiring. This is a very complex and multilayered HVAC issue that will inevitably get you to schedule professional repairs.


If you run into any recurring or first-time issues with your thermostat, don’t hesitate to call a professional to solve the issue. As the weather can bring frigid breezes and intense heat, you and your family need to be kept away from possible inconveniences and associated health risks. So keep the temperature under your control! 

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