When you live in a country that experiences a cold climate every year, having a reliable heating system in your home is essential to keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter season. At the same time, you have to guarantee to take care of your furnace correctly, so you can continue reaping its benefits for the years to come.

Plenty of homeowners have a habit of taking a look at their HVACs only when a problem has occurred, which sometimes may be too late to fix the situation and will require you to ask for a replacement. It can end up being a hassle, mostly when it happens during winter, the time you need your furnace to work the most.

A furnace emergency can be troublesome to deal with because nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night, freezing and having to call a professional to check out your heater. If you want to know how to avoid unfortunate instances regarding your furnace and keep it working well for the next few winters, keep reading below.

You Can Set Up a Programmable Thermostat

When you operate a furnace that doesn’t have a manual thermostat, you can expect it to depreciate much earlier because it tends to wear itself out by providing you with the warmth you need. But if you want to skip getting a furnace replacement, it would be better to maintain a balance of how you use your furnace.

You can consider installing a programmable thermostat to prevent you from overworking your heating system. With it, you can configure your furnace’s settings and choose the necessary temperature, such as keeping the heat stable when people are around and turning it down when there aren’t.

You Can Change Your Air Filter

It’s important to check your air filter often to see if it’s overdue for a replacement. If left unattended, your filter can degrade the value of your furnace over time. The air filter works to purify the warm air you receive and prevent your furnace from letting dirt and other debris to get inside your heating system.

If you want to continue receiving clean air from your furnace to keep you and your family healthy, you must keep track of the filter and clean it or replace it when necessary. Without obstructions in your filter, your furnace can work well while avoiding dirt and dust from forcing it to operate even harder.

You Can Check for Air Leaks

Air leaks come from doors, windows, vents, and other places that can let outdoor air inside your home, sometimes without your knowledge. If you don’t make a move to cover them up, your furnace will have a difficult time running and producing the warm air you desire.

Since it’s working twice as hard to prevent cold air from overpowering it, your furnace ends up with a reduced lifespan. By sealing off the areas where air from outside can enter, you end up making your heating system’s job easier and the overall comfort you receive much better.


If you want to reduce your chances of witnessing your heating system break down and calling for furnace repairs, you need to make an effort to maintain it often. While a professional is recommended to monitor the progress of your furnace, you can perform the tips above to limit facing furnace issues and spending the next few days shivering in the cold!

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